What’s the deal with getting older? It’s weird.

When anyone asks my age, my defult response is ‘19’. Which probably sounds weird. I’m not 19 – I’m 33 – the power number. Now that is weird. How did I get to be that age. How is it 2014. Next year we’re supposed to have hover boards and shit. I’m very disappointed. Both for the hoverboards (that would have been sick) and the idea of not being young forever (a really hard concept to grasp).

The future is now. (Back to the Future II, 1989)

I’m not a normal 33 year old – even though google and facebook seem to think I am with their basic targeted ads for child care, mortgages and a bunch of other boring adult shit. I don’t feel like an adult – when I can, I still rock my 14 hole doc martens and band shirts, get blind drunk and sing to strangers on the street. I’m cruising through life without a mortgage or children – I’m pretty sure at 33 you’re supposed to be a responsible adult with a dependents and stuff. That’s not me, not this year anyway – except for my fur child, who is actually the best cat in the world.

Mogwai Pillow Forks atop of Mount Mog.

My existential / ¼ life crisis aside though – what a weird year.

As a top line glance – 2014 saw me art direct a major national campaign for Lee Jeans among other things, design the re-brand of Lee’s sibling brand ‘Riders by Lee’ nationally, be part of a group art exhibition for the first time in three years and slip two disks permanently in my lower spine in one fell swoop. You’ve been a giver and a taker, 2014 – a bit of a lovable jerk. I’m yet to update my portfolio with any of this said work but here are some sneak peaks below of the 125 Years Lee campaign.

125 Years of Lee Jeans – Australia and NZ campaign. Art directed by me, shot by Cara Stricker, styled by Britt McCamey, Hmua by Max May and two hot butt’s owned by Megan Irwin and Isaac Carew.






Check out the rest of the 125 Year campaign here.

Everything else – well, that’s a whole other kettle of fish. Here are some shameless selfies and other sick stuff that took me through 2014.

A year of Red to orange to yellow hair spectrum and all variations in between.
Partying with rad crew in Syd Syd for the official 125 Years Lee party.
This red wine vom vom I did on the kitchen bench in the shape of a beautiful love heart.
This stylin’ pooch I made friends with in Kings Cross
Being hypnotised by 125 Buddy Lee dolls staring at me.
The day I discovered Milo and Otis on one of my weekend jogs along the Yarra River.
Receiving and email from my old man with a link to a video of him and his Ulysses bike makes on the Black Dog charity ride – swigging straight from a bottle of whisky. My dad is all kinds of awesome.
Driving with a car full of pink and green balloons for Brendan’s birthday.
Getting the day off work and hanging on the balcony drawing peens doing cute things as part of a new art series I’ve been working on.
Then beginning to prep some canvas’ with linework to start painting up for said ‘peens doing cute things’ series.
Then getting bored with painting and setting up flash lighting in the bathroom to get a shot of the toilet for my Ladies Week piece. BTS is always so glamourous.
Almost as glamourous as glueing red glitter to tampons multiple times to get the right looking one for the Ladies week piece final shot. A few of these tampons were harmed (note: flushed) in the process of getting the shot. Lets take a minute of silence for them, shall we.
Taking french lessons as well as being schooled everyday at work with my desk calendar which has been scarily accurate everyday. We called it the Oracle.
Discovering that I am, in fact not unbreakable.
Then spending two weeks recovering from two slipped disks lying flat on my back on the couch without makeup and obscene regrowth looking like a rabbit with myxomatosis using Buddy Lee to shield me from the horrors of daytime TV.
Our family christmas portrait featuring crimbo cactus.

What does 2015 hold? Who knows. But I’m sure these ‘Mannequin Hollywood’ style glasses will give me all the magical powers to make it cool.


See you on the flip, homies.

Hope 2015 brings all the cool things to you and yours.