Never has a song title been so apt.

I've been meaning to start a regular blog entry about 'So Bad Its Epic' - 80's glam album art for ages. Now, the time has come my little friends, to talk of other things. Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings. So yes, I came across this gem and its not even old. It's new... it's part of that throng of glam bands that came out of the late noughties revival started by the mainstream popularity of The Darkness (which actually weren't metal at all) but they did start a zeitgeist for all the washed up big guns to think about re-forming and thus the snowball began rolling. A snow ball I was so freakin excited about. Grunge had to die sometime. It was so exciting to see all my favourites back in their spandex doin it for the kids.

I preface all that is to follow in an on-going series of posts which I'll title 'So Bad, So Good' is done with love. I heart the shit out of glam metal. I love the cheese, I love the sexually confident androgyny, the unapologetic OTT everything and I love the fist pumping music. It embodies everything about the 80's that I love.

However, design-wise - a lot of the time its a dogs breakfast. A morbidly fascinating train wreck that I enjoy the comedic value so much I want to share all the LOL's with you.

First cab off the rank is Skull Fist. Oh yeah... the name itself. Ambiguous in the best possible way - are they being overtly sexual suggesting fisting with a skull or just a good old street brawl type of fist to the skull? We shall never know but lets just take a moment to enjoy their logo. There really aren't any words but it is glorious. Someone's little brother must have had some wicked fun on their pirated version of photoshop with that one.

What’s awesome about their promotional photos is that they actually do look legit 80’s. The poses, the guitars staked into the sand on a beach like a viking longboat had just come ashore and delivered Dave Mustaine Junior, Blackie Lawless and Bruce Dickenson’s love child, a dude that looks like that hot brunette vampire from the lost boys and a larger gentleman with excellent hair who we can only assume must be the drummer.

And… I”m posting this unrelated purely because that Lost Boys brunette vampire was so so very hot. Death by Stereo!!

Watch Skull Fist’s vid below. In all it's glory.

You’re so welcome.