Dino Crimbo

Four days until Christmas.
What the shit?

So we’re super late this year getting our arses into gear because cripple and also how is it already the end of December?
Finally finished the wrapping and getting Crimbo Cactus dressed for the occasion.


You so smiley Crimbo Cactus!

This year we decided to wrap everything in Brendan‘s super sick dinosaur wrapping paper and coordinate bows and individualised cards back with the palette.




If you love it as much as I do you can get your sticky fingers on it at David Jones and select newsagencies and card shops nationally.


Front of wrap


Back of wrap – the bones line up with the bodies on the front. So rad.


Jeepers creepers


Where did I get those peepers? Well, I have some pretty rad friends who brought over a bag of googly eyes to entertain myself with while I’m a cripple. They know me well. You should actually check one of them out – Simon is a rock-star concept artist.

Oh the potential fun for the hours of non-dead-insect-on-the-couch / non-yellow-head-on-the-desk action to be filled with giving things eyes. So much fun, so little actual non-cripple time.


Oh Mogwai, you have no idea how much fun you’re about to have.


Super chilled and on his way to fabulous – ooh yeah.


Mogwai is actually a Jerk. Eye installation – destroyed. This could have been an epic photo.


Hello balcony flamingo’s! (Brendan’s arse crack an added bonus).


Back in yellow-head-on-the-table-position. Don’t look at me like that, Mac.

Googly eyes are so choice. I highly recommend picking some up.


Adventures in the land of Criplee


(image source unknown)

So somehow I’ve slipped two disks in my lower back. It’s sucks balls big time. This is the second week of being housebound. When I’m not on the couch with my legs up like a dead insect I’m trying to work from home. Let me paint the picture for you – its quite tragic. Mac dragged out the dining room table, computer chair reclined back as far as possible with my legs up on a chair on the opposite side of the table – I’m essentially reclining under the table with just my little yellow head and arms poking out to use the mouse and keyboard.

When not being a yellow head on a table or a dead insect on the couch, or embarrassing myself by accidentally listening to some pretty terrible music coming up in my playlist while making work calls (that they could totally hear in the background – shit like White Lion. Seriously… dear freakin god. I only have that album in the playlist because of Hungry, which is pretty rad town but the rest…. fucking hell) Anyway, I digress – when not doing these things I’m dreaming with Prince Valium doing yoga in fields of sunflowers or you know, just trying to walk to the fridge and other fabulousness. Thank you, drugs.


(image source unknown)

Can you hear the violins?
The lighting is also very dramatic.


(image source unknown)

So, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight from the rabbit hole.




So hungry

So you may have noticed that my website has changed / looks kind of hungry for content. That, my friends is because some jerkface decided to hack into it, add in some evil code that basically made it die.  So, I’m now currently in the process of rebuilding / re-adding content.


Totally picturing said hacker looking like Dr. Robotnik. He was a jerk too… those poor bunnies :(

To that person I say;

Stay tuned though – Portfolio will be fat and juicy again by Christmas.


Oh Hai


So in the death of my previous blogs ‘Adventures in the land of Otilee’ and ‘Porcelain Backbone’ emerges this one. Nice and tucked away inside my website. AND with a name referencing Puff the Magic Dragon not just because it sounds cool, but also because until recently I legitimately thought my name was the name of the land where Puff and Jackie Paper did all their excellent mist frolicking. Which would have been most excellent indeed – where the hell is Honah Lee anyway?


Puff the Magic Dragon (1978)

Here, I’ll be posting much of what I’ve posted in the past; creative process, behind the scenes, tutorials, trend forecasting – and basically anything I think is rad and feel the compulsion to bang on about.