I broke myself.

So somehow I’ve slipped two disks in my lower back. This sucks balls big time.

It is now the second week of being housebound and  when I’m not on the couch with my legs up like a dead insect I’m trying to work from home. Let me paint the picture for you.  It's quite tragic. If this were a scene in a a movie, it would be where the baritone solo sax music bed kicks in with a bellowing a decending minor scale. Picture, Mac dragged out the dining room table, chair reclined back as far as possible with my legs up on a chair on the opposite side of the table – essentially reclining under the table with a little yellow head and arms poking out to use the mouse and keyboard.

When not being a yellow head on a table or a dead insect on the couch, or embarrassing myself by accidentally listening to some pretty terrible music coming up in my playlist while making work calls (that they could totally hear in the background) – shit like White Lion. Seriously. Dear freakin god. I only have that album in the playlist because of Hungry, which is pretty rad but the rest?

Anyway, I'm on a absurd amount of painkillers so while I’m not trying to work, I'm dreaming with Prince Valium doing yoga in fields of sunflowers or you know, just trying to walk to the fridge and other fabulousness.

Thank you, drugs.