I'm so in LOVE with what Alessandro Michele has done with Gucci. The S16 range is like all the elements of 70's interior design (carpets, wallpaper, uphostery, soft furnishings & toilet roll dolly's - this piece below specifically!) that I LOVE and wrapped in a Dario Argento Suspiria style Italian aesthetic. The use of the eye and mouth motif especially have drawn me to this darker dot joining conclusion.







Did I mention I'm in LOVE with this range? Every freakin piece. Cannot wait to see what Michele does with winter.

Scene from Dario Argento’s, Susperia. 1977
Rad OTT 70's interior design <3
More Rad OTT 70's interiors plus the majestic Gloria Swanson in her natural habitat.


Etc etc... you get my drift.
I may need to bust out and watch some 70's Italian film today.


Image credits: All Gucci S16 images - Yannis Vlamos @ Susperia screen shots and 70's interior images - not credit, google sourced.